The new version of Estimote Virtual Beacon includes beacons radar

As we promised in the previous blog post, the shipping process of Estimote beacons was resumed last week. More and more people have reported on Twitter that their Dev Kits have arrived and they have already started tinkering and building the next generation of mobile contextual apps.

Estimote Virtual Beacon 2.0

Today we are also announcing the new version of the Estimote Virtual Beacon app, which has been just published in the App Store.


Beacons Radar

The new version is compatible with both physical Estimote beacons and virtual beacons you could simulate with your second iOS device.


Now you can see all active beacons in a phone’s range and compare their relative distance to the phone. It is also possible to tap on a selected beacon in the radar screen and see details like UUID, broadcasted signal strength, and battery level, as well the version of beacon operating system uploaded to the device.

Sample demos

The general responsiveness of all demo apps has been slightly improved, and real iBeacon behavior is simulated.


Estimote API

The source code of all three sample apps (distance demo, proximity demo and notifications demo) has been also published on our GitHub account and detailed tutorial explaining the source code is also available on our website, along with API documentation.


Send us your feedback

We are pushing really hard to provide all the innovators, tinkerers, and hackers out there the best possible tools for changing the physical world around us and improving human-object interactions.

If you build something great, share it with the rest of us on @estimote twitter. And be sure to contact us at,, or if you need technical support or just want to talk about the future of contextual computing : )


 Download the Estimote Virtual Beacon app from the iTunes App Store

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